Payment Orders
The transfer or Payment Order is a request from the originator (importer) to its bank so that the latter, through the intervention of an intermediary, usually in another country, pays the beneficiary (exporter) a certain amount.
Forward Exchange
An Exchange Forward, or a forward exchange transaction, allows the purchase or sale of amounts payable or receivable by a company at a future date.
Bank checks
Checks issued on the Bank itself in any quoted foreign currency and drawn on correspondent banks.
Documentary Credit
International payment method in which Banco Interatlântico, through a letter of credit, undertakes to pay, accept or negotiate an operation, provided that the beneficiary presents the required documents and when the terms and conditions imposed by the originator are fully complied with.
Documentary Remittances
Documentary Remittances are operations in which the seller sends through the Bank the documents representing the goods sold as a way of guaranteeing receipt.