Documentary Remittances

Documentary Remittances

Documentary Remittances with the purpose of import support.

Documentary Remittances are operations in which the seller sends through the Bank the documents representing the goods sold as a way of guaranteeing receipt.


Target market

Individual companies and entrepreneurs.

Main features

  • When the documents that allow the collection of the goods at the port or airport of destination are sent, the Bank is responsible for delivering them only against payment or acceptance of bills or commitment letter.
  • The importer may pay for the goods or, if the Bank in charge of the collection deems it necessary, may do so against financing.


It only applies in cases of delivery of documents against financing and, in this case, the document remittance operation is terminated and we are dealing with a simple financing operation.

Documentation required

  • TCE (Foreign trade title);
  • Debit authorization at the time of invoicing.