Payment Orders

Payment Orders

Money Orders about foreigners

The transfer or Payment Order is a request from the originator (importer) to its bank so that the latter, through the intervention of an intermediary, usually in another country, pays the beneficiary (exporter) a certain amount.



The payment order abroad is one of the means of payment abroad, thus corresponding to an outflow of currency. The amounts inherent to the operation (transfer value, commissions and expenses) can be paid through:

  • Débito da conta do Cliente;
  • Pagamento por caixa (não Clientes). 

It is addressed to companies that need to make payments or collections to/from abroad, quickly and securely, without documentary support and is used when there is a high degree of trust between exporter and importer.

Target market



  • Attractive pricing, compared to other forms of payment;
  • Security - More secure than the check when having financial entities as the only players;
  • Agility and speed - it is the most agile and fast payment method than any other.