Automatic Payment Terminals (TPA)

Automatic Payment Terminals (TPA)

Automatic Payment Terminals (TPA)

This is the solution that allows you to accept payments with debit and credit cards at your commercial establishment.


How it works

This equipment facilitates payments at your commercial establishment:

  • Allowing payment with debit and credit cards;
  • Streamlining your business with an effective solution for selling products and services;
  • Facilitating treasury management.

Additional Information

Advantages for your Company

  • Convenience, ensuring and facilitating business transactions, quickly and safely;
  • Innovation, offering greater ease and flexibility of payment to its customers;
  • Mobility, as you can take the TPA anywhere;
  • Security, reducing payment methods by cash/check and reducing the risk of theft/loss;
  • Speed, making service faster and reducing waiting lines;
  • Logistics, reducing the need for bank deposits;
  • Speed ​​of service delivery.