Guaranteed Current Account

Guaranteed Current Account

Financing intended for companies or individual entrepreneurs with a view to treasury support.

Credit approved for possibly renewable periods of 6 months, during which only the interest due on the funds used is charged, the capital being paid at the end of the agreed term.


Target market

Individual companies and entrepreneurs.


6 months, subject to renewal.


  • Aval;
  • Hipotecas;
  • Caução de aplicações financeiras;
  • Outras formas de garantias aceitas pelo BI.

Documentation Required

  • Declaration of net income of tenderers and guarantors/guarantors;
  • Balance of the last 3 years of the company;
  • Updated balance sheet;
  • Copy of commercial activity licenses;
  • Salary domiciled (preferably);
  • Updated identification document:
          BI for resident individuals;
          Commercial certificate for companies


  • Flexibility in the management of the company's treasury;
  • It works with the flexibility of a D.O. overdraft, but at a lower rate;
  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis, focusing exclusively on the amount actually used.