Term Deposit

Term Deposit

The Individual Term Deposit account in MN or ME, for a pre-established period, has a remuneration negotiated according to the value and terms chosen.

With the establishment of the term deposit account, the customer may decide to use it as a guarantee for obtaining consumer credit, providing guarantees and guarantees, as well as advancing receipts.


Target market

Individuals, residents and non-residents.

Minimum Constitution Amount

Minimum amount 50,000$00 CVE or equivalent in foreign currency of 50,000$00 CVE.

Interest Payment

Payment of interest on the due date, by crediting the D.O.

Interest Calculation

Interest calculation starts on and including the deposit start date and ends on the eve of the due date, inclusive.


National coin
91 days; 181 days; 366 days; 732*

Foreign currency*
91 days; 181 days; 366 days

Rate Negotiated according to amount, currency and term.